Self Motivation for Job Seeker (read: ME)

HELLO! It's been more than a year from the latest post omg superrr long time agooo. Honestly, I don’t know what to write but I just want to spill out something in my head lately. First of all, let me tell you guys that after all the prayers, all the sleepless night, and of course all the struggle, I’ve finally completed my education in bachelor degree of Industrial Engineering!! Woo-hoo!! Let’s congratulate me!! HAHA lol jk. 
But hmmmm wait, the euphoria of being bachelor only lasts for a while for me because it actually means that I’m official unemployed 🙂🙁. Believe me this is one of my worst feeling I ever had, for me it worse than breaking up *oops*. I also think that this is one of my hardest time of my life, and I can say this is also my lowest point in my life. This makes me can’t sleep, even when I sleep, I had sooo much nightmare of how bad being unemployed. No, I’m not that depressed just a lil bit stressed out, but you can’t blame on me and say “you’re too much” “it’s n…


HAI! Kali ini gue mau membahas salah satu sifat psikologi manusia; Ambisius. Dalam KBBI ambisi adalah “keinginan (hasrat, nafsu) yang besar untuk menjadi (memperoleh, mencapai) sesuatu (seperti pangkat, kedudukan) atau melakukan sesuatu”. Singkatnya, ambisius dapat diartikan sebagai “berkeinginan keras mencapai sesuatu (harapan, cita-cita)”. Punya keinginan yang keras untuk menggapai sesuatu emang hal positif, tapi jangan berlebihan. Orang yang punya sifat ambisius biasanya menjadi mudah stress, egois dalam bertindak, gegabah dalam mengambil keputusan dan selalu merasa tidak ingin dikalahkan. Hal itu terjadi karena Si ‘Ambisius’ yang berlebihan selalu merasa bahwa dirinya adalah yang terbaik dan harus bisa melakukan segala hal dengan sempurna.

You're Hero for Yourself

I believe that we are who we are choose to be. Nobody is going to come and save you, you've got to save yourself. Nobody is going to give you anything you want, you've got to go out and fight for it. Nobody knows what you want except you and nobody will be as sorry as you don't get it. So it's only you can help your entire life.
HELLO! No please don't get it wrong first, it's not about broken up or about hopeless to something yaa. I think it's about people come and go. Yup, as we know that nothing lasts forever, rite?
So, this is came up to my brain when I was doing my thesis several months ago and now I just realized that my friends one by one are gone and they are busy with their stuff, and I think this so relatable to our entire life. Actually it's okay and that's not the point. But the point is everybody has their own life and we can't always please everyone. 
It's like everybody is on their track to achieve reach dreams and goals, so we…

My Hijab Journey

HELLO, it’s been a super long time ya gak update blog. Terakhir gue update kepalanya masih belum pake “helm” wkwk sekarang Alhamdulillah udah, ya walaupun masih belajar banget. Start from 29 May 2017, I decided to use Hijab and tried so hard to use it continuously. And here the stories…
The first day I decided to use Hijab was Monday. Momentnya kyk lagi pas aja gitu untuk pake hijab ke kampus karna bulan Ramadhan, dan gue memang janjian sama temen gue (yg belum pake hijab) untuk pake hijab. Di kampus respon orang-orang positif banget, kyk langsung nyuruh lanjut aja gitu pake hijab seterusnya. Banyak juga yang bilang gue sama temen gue cantik, malah ada yang sampe pangling ngeliat gue. Tadinya emang cuma mau 1-2 hari aja, terus udah gak pake lagi. Eh tapi keterusan, literally keterusan karna gue ngerasa lebih nyaman pake hijab.
Gue emang pernah beberapa bulan sebelumnya bilang sama nyokap gue untuk pake hijab hanya dengan alasan ngerasa lebih cantik, tapi gue mikir lagi, pake hijab it…