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Bahagia Itu Sederhana

"Bahagia itu sederhana" or "Happy is simple" in English. I believe that everybody has already read that sentence. Each person has their happiness and even could be their mood booster. In this year, there's so many simple happiness that I've got and I'm so grateful with it. Here we gooo, this is simple happiness that I've got since January 2015.
- Happiness is, when your first IP is bigger than you imagine, alhamdulillaaah - Happiness is, libur semesteran 1 bulan lebih - Happiness is, ada kelas yg isinya campur 3angkatan gitu, matkul psikologi industri. Sekelas sm senior yuhu so fun - Happiness is when there's event named Studi Ekskursi (Studek) in my college. Industri goes to Semaraaang yeay! For God's sake this is the one of unforgettable 3 days for me. Kyk liburan disela2 kepenatan kuliah gitu *padahal semester 2 baru jalan sebulan harusnya blm penat2 bgt*.  Day 1, otw Semarang smp sana jam 10an, 1st night main kartu ketawa2 smp teriak2 g…