Happy Father's Day

He is fat, but not really fat. He has a strong eyes. He cant smile. He has a grumpy face. But he is really kind of man actually. He likes to eat all the kind of food. He doesn't like to wear skinny jeans and prefer to wear sandals than shoes. He likes to windows shopping like a lot, yeah just walk around for at the mall and sometimes without buying anything. He loves to photography, like his camera is his daughter too. He sometimes loses his bad temper but he always knows how to get his cool back. He likes to giving his love to his daughters. He is a really loving daddy. He always take care of his daughters. He always wanted to drive us (me, my sisters & mom) anywhere we want without complaining. He is always know how to makes his daughter happy. He always reminds me to stay kind and humble, even when people are unkind. He tells his kids stories, about God, life, nature and stuff in a funny way. I'd like to talk with him about everything, dari yg penting sampe yg gak penting. 
One day, I'll marry a man like you and he will loves me the way you love me, so do I. I don't know what I can do to make you proud, but one day, you'll be proud of me. I promise I'll try my best. Always remember that I love you so much, even tough most of the time I spend to making fun of you :p

So yeah, a very Happy Father's Day, Bapak. The one that I know will never hurt me. The greatest gift I ever had from God. My always number one man.

If one day you happen to read this, I know I rarely show you how much I care, how much I love. But you have to know that i'm so grateful to have a daddy like you❤❤❤

Sincerely, daddy's little girl.


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