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Throwback 2014

Today is the last saturday night in 2014 with a super duper comfy weather; rain all day long, and i'm just at home, laying on my bed under my blanket, listening music, chatting with some people... just like my first saturday night in 2014, lol. But it's not a big deal lah ya emg jomblo kok wajar kalo dirumah aja (HEHE). Tapi hari ini bener2 deh, hari termager sepanjang 2014 kayanya. Males bgt ngapa-ngapain, mandi, makan, blabla maunya bobo-boboan teyussh hm.
By the way what I wanted to share is throwback my life in 2014. Honestly 2014 was really hard for me. Through ups and downs, school drama, love life sucks, national examination, stressed about university, and everything. But I always thinking that "behind the difficulty there is opportunity". Aamiin.
January-August 2014 was really reaaally bad for me. Nangis mulu sampe kurus banget. Mulai dari capek-capeknya bimbel, naik bis pulang malem macet-macetan hampir tiap hari, terus pas UN ngeblank semua, belajar lagi t…