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*talk to myself*

cheer up. you are strong girl. Allah menciptakan perempuan sebagai orang yg kuat. its okay to crying but jgn berlarut2, it's not the end of everything. do-not-ever-give-up. remember, you are strong enough to through this. Allah will never put you in the situation that you cant handle. some things take time, you just need to stay calm, stay patience and stay positive. a positive mindset will determine your happiness. don't let this bad thing take your smile go away. you have family and friends who still want to see your smile.
in the end everything's gonna be okay. if its not okay, its not the end. there is so many beautiful reasons to be happy. there are so many exciting food you haven't tried yet. there are so many good places you haven't visited yet. there are so many wonderful things coming your way. just hold on, better things will be here soon. 
last, keep your held high, pretty, let the world see your smile. have a nice friday! :)