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This is Nadia Amira Hapsari's Official Blog. Yes it's me! You can call me Namir, which is actually stands for (NA)dia a(MIR)a. I know it's kinda weird, but I have this nickname since i'm on 7th grade, even my family call me Namir too. So no wonder ya, I feel more comfy if you call me Namir, not Nadia. I was born somewhere in Jakarta on April 1996. I'm first daughter of 2. And finally I'm a girl with a bachelor's degree of Industrial Engineering.

I'm a good at basabasi at first meet. I'm a little bit noisy actually HEHE. Idk I really like talking with people or talking with random strangers or tukang ojek or anyone else. Easy for me to be friends with people. You can talk to me whatever and I will try to always give you a good responses. Then i'm good at story telling *YAYY*. You can ask me about my story and I will tell you with a fun way hahaha. And sooo I'm good at procrastinating.... It's my number 1 bad habbit. I know it's bad, but I dont know how to reduce it zz. And 1 more my bad habbit is always feel sleepy anytime anywhere. 

I dont have any hobby, but I really love sleeping (who doesn't?!!). I can sleep like 12 hours when it's holiday. I can still laying on my bed for hours and doing nothing. I can be number 1 lazy-girl in the world haha. Oiya, people love watching movie nowadays, but not for me. I dont really like watching movies unless i'm watching it with my boyfriend #yeugombal. But i'm serious, I cant watching movies at home alone. I'm too easy to feel sleepy, remember?

Anyway, I think it's enough to describe me. I'm sorry if my grammar are broken bcs i'm still studying. Thanks for reading!



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